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At CASI, we focus on building a pipeline through mutually beneficial business development transactions. Our strategy leverages our resources and expertise in China to develop and commercialize innovative products in China and other markets. These products address significant unmet medical needs or unmet needs in subset patient populations where the drug candidate may have significant promise. We will work strategically and transparently with our partners to drive the clinical development process forward and deliver value for the drug candidate.

Specifically, we are looking for China regional rights with regard to:

  • Innovative, patented therapeutics currently in late Phase 1, Phase 2 or late-stage clinical trials
  • Marketed therapeutics currently not available or approved in China
  • Targeted therapies that enable selection of patients in China who may benefit from the drug candidate

We have a wholly owned subsidiary and R&D center in Beijing, China with strong and rapidly growing local and regional capabilities, including CFDA regulatory filing and clinical development. We can run high quality clinical programs under ICH GCP standards, and have expertise in local regulatory processes to gain CFDA approval. As your licensee regional partner, CASI will accelerate your clinical candidates to reach proof-of-concept inflection points and/or expand into additional indications. Data derived from China can be utilized for your global development strategy and regulatory filings, with all development costs in China covered by CASI.

We will use our extensive knowledge of the China pharmaceutical industry and experience with key physicians and major hospitals to support the advancement of the drug candidate with the goal of bringing it to market. With our global development strategy, CASI can achieve entry of your products into China’s market three to four years earlier, compared with traditional approaches.

If you would like additional information on partnering with us, please contact us or submit a proposal via email to: Please also see our Business Development presentation.

Any business development proposals that are submitted to CASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. via email or via our website will be considered non-confidential. No information exchange may be deemed confidential without a signed confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement from CASI.

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