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At CASI, we are building a portfolio of approved quality pharmaceuticals and a pipeline of innovative, targeted therapeutics through mutually beneficial business development transactions with biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions. Our primary focus is to in-license approved pharmaceuticals and targeted therapeutics for cancer that have the potential to address unmet medical needs and gain widespread market acceptance in China and the U.S. Working strategically and transparently with our partners, CASI is committed to being the trusted partner for companies who want to expand their pharmaceutical products and innovative therapies into the China market. Leveraging our U.S. and China oncology expertise and resources, our goal is to rapidly and cost-effectively advance development programs forward to reach proof-of-concept inflection points quickly.

To complement our U.S. headquarters, CASI has a wholly owned subsidiary and R&D center in Beijing, China with strong local and regional capabilities to support CFDA regulatory filings and clinical development. Our extensive knowledge and network of key oncologists and premier cancer hospitals in China ensure high-quality clinical data under ICH GCP standards to support global registrations. With our integrated U.S./China global development strategy, CASI can accelerate the registration and commercialization of a product into China’s market three to four years earlier compared with traditional approaches, and all costs in China are covered by CASI.

CASI welcomes partnership opportunities with companies and academic/research institutions that are developing innovative therapeutics for hematologic malignancies and solid tumors in the following areas:

  • Small molecule targeted inhibitors
  • Antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates and bispecific T-cell engagers
  • Immuno-oncology targets and CAR-T cell therapies

Partnership collaborations can range from preclinical, lead candidate stage to compounds in clinical trials; as well as, marketed therapeutics currently not available or approved in China. Partnership arrangements can be flexible, with CASI focusing on China regional rights.

For more information about partnering with CASI Pharmaceuticals and our Business Development group, please contact us or submit a proposal via email to: Please also see our Business Development presentation.

Any business development proposals that are submitted to CASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. via email or via our website will be considered non-confidential. No information exchange may be deemed confidential without a signed confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement from CASI.

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