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ENMD-2076 for Oncology

ENMD-2076 is a novel orally-active, Aurora A/angiogenic kinase inhibitor with potent activity against Aurora A and multiple tyrosine kinases linked to cancer and inflammatory diseases. ENMD-2076 is relatively selective for the Aurora A isoform in comparison to Aurora B. Aurora kinases are key regulators of the process of mitosis, or cell division, and are often over-expressed in human cancers. ENMD-2076 exerts its effects through multiple mechanisms of action, including antiproliferative activity and the inhibition of angiogenesis. ENMD-2076 has demonstrated significant, dose-dependent preclinical activity as a single agent, including tumor regression, in multiple xenograft models (e.g. breast, colon, leukemia), as well as activity towards ex vivo-treated human leukemia patient cells.

ENMD-2076 has completed multiple Phase I oncology studies, is completing a Phase II study in platinum resistant/refractory ovarian cancer, and has three ongoing Phase II studies in triple-negative breast cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, and ovarian clear cell carcinoma, respectively.

ENMD-2076 has received orphan drug designation from the United States Food and Drug Administration (the “FDA”) for the treatment of ovarian cancer, multiple myeloma and acute myeloid leukemia (“AML”). In the United States, the Orphan Drug Act is intended to encourage companies to develop therapies for the treatment of diseases that affect fewer than 200,000 people in this country. Orphan drug designation provides us with seven years of market exclusivity that begins once ENMD-2076 receives FDA marketing approval. It also provides certain financial incentives that can help support the development of ENMD-2076.

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Phase II Study of Oral ENMD-2076 Administered to Patients (pts) With Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma

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Phase II Study of Oral ENMD-2076 Administered to Patients with Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma

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